Vermuteja les Punxes

Enjoy the visit to the Casa de les Punxes, and end your experience with a vermouth at Matalaranya restaurant!

Did you know that the origin of the vermouth goes back to the Greek period, when Hippocrates put to macerate wine with absinthe and dictamnus, obtaining the wine called Hippocratic in the Middle Ages?

In the middle of the century is when vermouth appears in the capital of Baix Camp, specifically in Reus, when it was included into the offer of drinks along with the great white wines of the Camp de Tarragona area, such as the varieties of macabeo, parellada and xarel·lo. The vermouth, then, was the last to arrive but in a few years it was consolidated in the Reusian appetizers.

At Casa de les Punxes we want to honour this peculiar liquor, so we launched a promotion that you can not refuse!

This activity includes free access to the museum and a vermouth in our bar. The price: €7 per person.

Are you going to miss it?

*Promo available until 15th April 2019. Ticket useable until the 31st December 2019.
**Vermouth will be served in Matalaranya from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. The appetizer Bar will be closed from December 24th to January 6th.

Casa de les Punxes

The spectacular building – revolutionary in both artistic and technical terms – is one of the most iconic structures in Barcelona and an important key to understand Catalan modernism. In 1975, it was given National Historic Landmark status due to its enormous historical, heritage and architecture value.

On a privileged site, is just a 5 minutes walk from Casa Milà-La Pedrera and 10 minutes walk from Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia, the Casa de les Punxes was built in the early 20th Century by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, who alongside Antoni Gaudí and Lluis Domenech i Muntaner, is considered to be one of the most important architects of Catalan modernism.

Why You Should Visit?

  1. The roof terrace. Hiding in the very centre of Barcelona, the enigmatic and rather secret roof terrace is one of the most impressive spaces in the Casa de les Punxes.
  2. Beyond Gaudí. Meet the hidden modernism of Barcelona.
  3. Cultural offer. Rediscover the Catalan Modernisme with a live concert or a glass of cava at sunset, are some of our proposals.
  4. No rush! Enjoy the house with all the time neded.
  5. Located within the Modernist Route
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La Casa de les Punxes

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