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Casa de les Punxes, a singular space in the heart of Barcelona

Casa de les Punxes proposes different magical and exceptional spaces for your events. They are ideal spaces for their uniqueness, elegant, intimate and genuine atmosphere. They are even differentiators in the expression of modernist architecture, with a hidden symbolism, and with stained glass windows, ceilings and hydraulic pavements as decorative elements.

These are multi-purpose spaces in the heart of the Eixample that invite you to meet, create, imagine, share and enjoy. They are rooms with natural light during the day and warm light at night. In Casa de les Punxes everything is possible: work meetings, presentations, congresses, parades, private parties, artistic exhibitions, filming, among others. The 3 spaces that Casa Terradas offers are the following:

  • Rooftop: it is the most exclusive space of the House, 600m2 crowned by the 6 punks that give name to the House of Punxes.
  • Attic Puig i Cadafalch: space of 220m2 divided into 5 rooms that allow multiple formats of events.
  • Noble plant: former home of one of the daughters of Bartomeu Terradas, a textile businessman who commissioned the Casa de les Punxes to Jose Puig i Cadafalch. It has different rooms for events and preserves a sample of the hydraulic pavements and original ceilings.

In short, we offer you extraordinary and versatile spaces that we can adapt to your needs to achieve a unique, special and incomparable event.

Contact us and find out about the different spaces and possibilities for your event.