About Casa de les Punxes

The legend of Sant Jordi

Live the legend

The Noble floor former residence of Angela Terradas now houses a space for referencing the iconography used on the building’s façade. It has rooms devoted to entertaining and interactive explanations about the origins and interpretations of the Legend of Saint George (Sant Jordi), an iconographic motif used extensively throughout Catalan modernism).

The building’s iconography plays an important role in the museum-like nature of the Casa de les Punxes project, where the new technologies incorporated into the tour enhance the narrative nature of the visit: powerful and multi-sensory, the museum content is presented as a form of art unto itself.

The combination of video and animation is one of the main attractions and recreates spaces, landscapes and situations while also inserting real and fictitious characters to present the legend of Saint George, his relationship with the Casa de les Punxes and his cultural and historical importance in Catalonia and in other cultures and regions.

Come and discover the legend of sant Jordi in Casa de les Punxes!