La Casa de les Punxes, a singular building


The Casa Terradas or Casa de les Punxes is the great project of Puig i Cadafalch. In this building, the architect experimented with its monumental dimensions and was able to construct a building isolated from the others. There are very few occasions when this was possible in the Eixample of Barcelona, due to the characteristics of the neighbourhood. Moreover, the Casa de les Punxes occupies a triangular block of isolated buildings, being the only modernist building with this peculiar location. This, however, is not the only singularity that the house has in the architectural field.

The Casa de les Punxes was built because the three sisters of the Brutau Terrades family lived there: Rosa, Angela and Josepa. Instead of designing three isolated buildings, Puig i Cadafalch decided to build a single unitary block of monumental dimensions that would stand out on the Avinguda Diagonal. The site of Casa de les Punxes is very irregular and hexagonal, which made the design of the house a unique architectural challenge between Avinguda Diagonal and the streets of Bruc and Rosselló.


The block of Casa de les Punxes has a stone base that covers the entire height up to the ground floor, from which we find exposed brick, combined with the copper tone of the light Calafell stone present in some building elements of the house. This combination gave the Casa de les Punxes its well-known reddish colour, which made it stand out from its surroundings at the time of its construction and still today.


The decoration and composition of the house is different in the different façades because of the singularity of its form. The two main façades are narrower. They have a large tribune that indicates the different levels and floors of the house by means of white stone squares with plant motifs. Each of these façades is crowned by different triangles, finished in points. The central triangle of these has a decorative ceramic panel at the top. Those which refers to different symbols linked to the history of the house, its style and its inhabitants. Also, on top of the incredible building we find the characteristic six towers finished in points that give the house its well-known nickname.

These are just some peculiarities of the house in the architectural field. The Casa de les Punxes still has many more curiosities to offer its visitors, and we will be able to discover them in the next articles of the blog and inside the Casa de les Punxes itself.