Funny plans to celebrate Father's Day at home

March 19th is a very special day: Father’s Day. It is a day to spend with your family and enjoy it with your loved ones. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, many families have had to cancel their plans for the celebration of this day, but that is not a reason to stop celebrating it. From Casa de les Punxes we want to offer you original ideas and crafts so that you can enjoy this great day with the little ones at home.

Once upon a time in the center of Barcelona, on Avinguda Diagonal, there was a house so big that it looked like a castle: the Casa de les Punxes. This house was built more than 100 years ago for a very important Catalan family, the Terradas Brutau family. In fact, its original name is not Casa de les Punxes, but Casa Terradas, but everybody knows it by this name because of the shape it has.

We need craftsmen!

A long time ago, Bartomeu asked his architect friend Josep Puig i Cadafalch to build the Casa de les Punxes for his 3 sisters: Rosa, Josepa and Angela, but Puig and Cadafalch could not build it alone! That’s why the best craftsmen helped him. Together they designed a unique house for Bartomeu’s sisters. 

Did you see what a beautiful decoration they made?

Now we need again the help of the best craftsmen to make new decorations for the house. Can you help us to paint it?

Download the templates to color the Casa de les Punxes

Template 1

Template 2

Does anyone know how to build houses?

Puig y Cadafalch was very fond of the medieval era, he was a historian and archaeologist, as well as an architect. During his travels he had seen the most important and impressive castles and churches around the world.

When he was told that he had to build a house for the three sisters, he wanted to make it as striking and large as possible… With lots of windows! And an entrance for each sister! And balconies!

Didn’t it look nice?

How would you have done it? Would you have put other colors on the house? Even more windows? Now you can build your own Casa de les Punxes and show it to us!

Download the templates to build your Casa de les Punxes

Template 1

Template 2

We’re looking for a storyteller!

One of the craftsmen who made the Casa de les Punxes was very fond of the legend of Saint George and the dragon. This craftsman was Enric Monserdà, and he decided to make a ceiling of Saint George fighting the dragon in Josepa’s house. Have you ever seen it? It’s very beautiful!

As you know, in the legend of St. George, the knight of St. George saves a princess from the evil dragon. This legend is very old, it’s from medieval times… Do you think it could be different today? Maybe the dragon wouldn’t be so bad, or the knight so brave… what if the princess saved herself or became friends with the dragon? So many things could change… we want you to tell us what you would like most!

Will you share with us the results of your crafts of the Father’s Day? We’d love to see them! Please send your creations to

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