Casa de les Punxes informs that, due to the sanitary situation caused by the COVID-19, our facilities remain closed. 


Our team is working on a reopening that can offer all the guarantees and compliance with the indications of the public administrations regarding safety and prevention measures for our workers and visitors. 


Consequently, our agenda of activities will be modified, the events on the terrace will be postponed and the validity of all tickets will be extended until 31/12/2021 (including the Mirador Visit). We will provide date change options to anyone who has purchased tickets.


However, we would like to inform you that our internal activity does not stop, the museum’s website is active and you can purchase tickets online for the next few months. Also, we will continue to be very close to our public and will continue to publicize this historic monument through various initiatives on our social networks. 


Finally, although we do not have a specific opening date, the Casa de les Punxes team is closely monitoring the situation and its priority is to offer its visitors the best possible experience as soon as possible. For this reason we have already taken the first steps so that no one loses their ticket and can enjoy a similar or improved activity.


The celebration of the events programmed by Casa de les Punxes for the next few months will always be held following and taking into account the necessary health considerations and measures to guarantee our safety and that of our visitors.