Modernist artists and architects used Saint George image to symbolize the historical link with tradition and the idea of ​​a glorious medieval past. The scene of the fight was presented as well as, individually, with the holy knight, his shield and the cross or the fearsome beast.

For this reason, the Modernist architecture is full of representations of his legend, being a defining feature of the Catalan Modernist style. The legend, represented in several monuments in Barcelona, was worked by local artisans experts in sculpture, ceramics, wrought iron or stained glass. It was placed in windows, roofs, doors or facades.

At Casa Terrades, Puig i Cadafalch depicted the legend main scene, the dragon’s death by the knight, in a beautiful ceramic panel placed in Rosselló street facade. Made by Enric Monserdà, this panel stands out from the decorative scheme of Casa de les Punxes. Precisely, it is in this very panel where the architect decided to place his portrait.


The 23rd April is an essential day in Barcelona. Therefore, Casa de les Punxes is organising several special activities, some of them will be free and out of the museum and other inside it. Their aim is to offer an attractive and special visit to all our visitors. Some proposals are themed visits and dynamic sessions based on Saint George legend and its relation with Casa de les Punxes, Modernism and its significance in Catalan culture and history.

Exclusive activities will be also held at night in Saint George day. Casa de les Punxes offers a formal dinner inside the iconic punxes of the rooftop, where our guests will enjoy of an intimate and unique scene.

For information and reservations, contact / 930 160 128.