Vermuteja les Punxes

Enjoy the visit to the Casa de les Punxes, and end your experience with a vermouth at Matalaranya restaurant!

Did you know that the origin of the vermouth goes back to the Greek period, when Hippocrates put to macerate wine with absinthe and dictamnus, obtaining the wine called Hippocratic in the Middle Ages?

In the middle of the century is when vermouth appears in the capital of Baix Camp, specifically in Reus, when it was included into the offer of drinks along with the great white wines of the Camp de Tarragona area, such as the varieties of macabeo, parellada and xarel·lo. The vermouth, then, was the last to arrive but in a few years it was consolidated in the Reusian appetizers.

At Casa de les Punxes we want to honour this peculiar liquor, so we launched a promotion that you can not refuse!

This activity includes free access to the museum and a vermouth in our bar. The price: €7 per person.

Are you going to miss it?

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Friday Late

Are you looking for a different space in which to have a good time?

We know that spring arrives, the heat, and the days get longer in Barcelona, ​​that’s why we want to propose a plan that you cannot refuse. From March 29, Friday Late is starting at Casa de las Punxes, the perfect place to unwind from a long day of work with your friends and family.

We offer you a night event (from 7pm to 10pm) on our rooftop, the last Friday of each Month, but only until June. The activity includes free access to the exhibition, to finalize the night experience, on the terrace, and with an Inèdit  Damm. Tempting, isn’t it?

Once on the rooftop, we offer you the possibility of buying a drink while enjoying some fantastic views.

You can buy tickets both at the box office and on our website. Come on, the tickets are running out!

Saint George

A brave knight, a princess about to be devoured by the dragon and a battle. Do you want to know how the legend ends?

Saint George’s day, the patron saint of Catalonia, is here to give roses, books full of exciting stories and to discover the famous knight’s legend who killed the fierce dragon.

For this very special Saint George, stop by Casa de les Punxes, where you will find our roses stand, you can take a photo in our ‘Photocall’ and win the funniest photo contest.

You can also discover the legend of Saint George through our audiovisuals, learn the architecture and history of Puig i Cadafalch and climb the incredible rooftop with spectacular views of Barcelona.

This special day give roses, books and visit Casa de les Punxes.

It seems a good plan, right?